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Never a smooth run


Just when I thought the promotion for my IT courses would run smoothly we discover errors in the flyers!  Back to Design department for correction.  Have been lucky in that respect as most of the errors have now been fixed so should have the flyers ready for printers by Wednesday.  Doesn’t  help that the courses are supposed to start on Tuesday next week. Oh well will see what happens. 

Having fun trying to motivate staff to get interested in web 2.0 technologies.  Not having much luck.  Looking at running a version of the Learning 2.0 program for staff.  Showing them the site and getting them to do it on their own doesn’t seem to get them to do it.  Looks like most  of the staff are more interested in formal training situation where there is a classroom.  Wonder if I can get them to do things then?  I can only hope.

I’m also living in hope that my computer issues will get sorted out before the course starts – otherwise I’m in for a very bumpy ride as far as teaching the courses is concerned.  Hoping to run some courses in a slightly different format.


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