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Lots of ideas


I’ve got lots of ideas of what I want to do but still trying to work out how to get the higher management to agree on giving me permission to do it.  Very conservative and scared of what the staff might say about the organisation.  Some of the ideas include creating a full on blog – have had success with the Centenary blog but that  isn’t being updated.  Want to be able to have an active blog.  Would also like to create a wiki for staff policy manuals and the like.  Courses for the public – job searching,  downloading photos from camera, mps/ipod courses.

On another note had a win with out IT department regarding the cookies issue we have been having with the training computers.  They have finally given up and decided that it will be easier to just create individual accounts for the PCs rather than trying to fix the cookies issue.   Hopefully they will do it soon!



  1. Martin says:

    We run a digital photography course @ Sutherland library with good results. Popular and good feedback. We use Picasa and include getting photos from the camera to the PC, amongst other things. The only caveat I have is that demand dropped off relatively quickly – market is quite small.

    • vesnac says:

      Thanks for the information – with photography course my main obsticle is IT but the others its upper management.

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