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Something old, something new


With the end of the year fast approaching and no slowdown in work needing to be done, I’ve realised I need to stop and think about what I want to do next year.  At work we are gearing up for moving to a new building but had other upheaval as well with a service review.  This means no one knows where they are sitting in the new library or what services are going to be offered.  I’m hoping that I can build on my attempts to run computer classes, social media classes and technology instruction.  We are investigating the possibility of lending out tablets, both iPads and Samsung tablets, but also investigating the possibility in using tablets as Reference aids in the new Library.

It will be interesting in the new Library to see how the public will use the space.  There has been a conscious decision to try and provide more powerpoints and seating for the public, as this is currently the issue we have in the old Library.  Also we could possibly have more school kids visiting the Library in the new building as it is opposite the Public School.  Still find it interesting that I’m continually asked about the basic computer courses and whether we will be running them again (temporarily suspended due to move).  There is a need for them and with the new Library going to Windows 7 and Office 2010 I think we will require this even more.


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