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ALIA Biennial – Discovery Day 1

Brief jottings from the first day of the ALIA Biennial Conference July 2012.  Jottings definitely not comprehensive & only reflect what things I noted.

discovery over aggregation

  • Roughly half of the Australian population are public library members
  • what’s up the other half?
  • Keynote Speaker – Tom Chatfield Discovery in a digital age – @TomChatfield
  • More mobile phones in the world then when born
  • Astonishing acceleration of technology but problematic
  • Past experience not relevant (seen by some)
  • When living in the future – the past is more important than ever in the current struggle to preserve public libraries not enough stress has been laid on the library as a place, not just a facility – Alan Bennet
  • What do we want from technology?
  • What do we need?
  • What does technology want from us?
  • There is no such thing as a neutral tool
  • How can we create better experiences?
  • Twitter acts as a recommendation engine with me as the algorithm
  • Privileging discovery over aggregation
  • Places people enter to discover things that they don’t know that they don’t know
  • We risk becoming consumers rather than citizens greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge  – Daniel J Boorstin
  • Session 2 What do we do about mobile?
  • Sarah Schindeler smartphones are winning – 79% of all mobile phones shipped to Australia are smartphones
  • increasingly sophisticated on-device information seeking mobile-only internet users
  • when doing gamification – be aware how communicated following through on lessons learned to ensure equal access to our resources and services for all Australians
  • Take your partners! – Geelong Regional Library
  • Top tips for selecting a partner in programs is: compatibility, flexibility, commitment, creativity, patience, passion
  • Storytime in the Park – collaboration with National Parks
  • Kaleidescope program – collaboration with cultural institutions – Geelong Performing Arts, Geelong Gallery, Museum & Courthouse Arts centre
  • ALIA Sydney draws from both community of practice and learning networks.
  • People are more important than structures.

New Year, New beginnings

With the new year comes the usual new year resolutions.  I’ve decided that I’ll make mine commitments to try to do certain things that I know I need to.  One of these is to blog more often, the other is to read more and thereby review those on my book review blog Reading Owl.  At the moment I’m playing with my new Sony Vaio Duo 11 and got to say I’m enjoying this.  Means I’ve got something portable that I can use but doesn’t weigh me down like the laptop.  Getting excited by some of the ALIA Sydney events that are coming up.  At work I’m being driven crazy by technology as usual but we are also going through the process of putting RFID tags in everything.  Exploring Microsoft Windows 8 is fun but does make me think about where things are and what I want at my fingertips.

New Years Resolutions …..

Think I’d learn by now that it’s never a good idea to have a new years resolution.  Since my last post I’ve been to VALA 2012 and got blown away with all the information presented.  Unfortunately life got in the way & I didn’t blog any of it.  Unfortunately between work, kids, studies, ALIA Sydney activities & rebuilding a house I seem to have lost my ability to find five minutes to blog.  Must try to reclaim some of the time to blog especially as ALIA Biennial is coming up.

AGLIN Forum here I come

Getting ready to go to Canberra for the AGLIN forum on “New technologies: value and practices in libraries”.  Looking forward to an informative day and possible networking opportunity.  This comes after a very informative and enjoyable evening yesterday at the ALIA Sydney “Knowing Me, Knowing You” networking event.  Fun time and lots of information for all who attended.  Especially good to see a good cross section of people from different sectors of the library and information industry as well as varying professional backgrounds.

One thing that came through in all the discussions is that if you have a passion for something follow it and you’ll find the perfect job for you.  The passion may be in libraries but it may also take you out of libraries as well.  Remember that your skills are transferrable to any role you take on.

Time flies …

My New Years resolution was to do more blog posts but unfortunately life happened.  This year has really been a whirl of activity and I don’t know where the time has flown.  With settling into a new job and trying to work out what is going on there, studying again, activities with the kids and the professional activities organised with ALIA Sydney the time has really flown.  I’ve also committed to joining in on the #blogeverydayofjune for ALIA Sydney and will post on the ALIA Sydney blog on 18 June.  I will though try to blog on this blog as well as much as I can. #blogjune

Impatience or the dangers of being impatient

All I seem to be lately is impatient – impatient for the Information Online Conference to start, impatient for my material from CSU to turn up so I can see what I’ll need to do for my studies, impatient for Uni to start even.  I know it’s not long until the Online Conference but I’m excited to be going for a number of reasons chief of which is that there are a lot of sessions that sound very interesting.  I’m also participating in the mentor/mentee program which should be interesting.  There are also a lot of exciting things happening with ALIA Sydney.

I’m really going to have to curb my impatience and just wait but I just can’t help it – I want things now!  I will definitely try to blog and tweet from the conference – something that I said I was going to be doing more of but haven’t had a chance to with new job.  Study is going to be an interesting prospect in more ways than one – me to actually discipline myself in actually doing it on time (and not playing Cityville, Enchanted Island etc) and the kids being used to Mum studying.

Using web 2.0 seminar

We have had to postpone the ALIA Sydney seminar.  We will look at the possibility of reorganising the seminar for another time.  Will keep people posted about it.

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