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ALIA Biennial – Discovery Day 1

Brief jottings from the first day of the ALIA Biennial Conference July 2012.  Jottings definitely not comprehensive & only reflect what things I noted.

discovery over aggregation

  • Roughly half of the Australian population are public library members
  • what’s up the other half?
  • Keynote Speaker – Tom Chatfield Discovery in a digital age – @TomChatfield
  • More mobile phones in the world then when born
  • Astonishing acceleration of technology but problematic
  • Past experience not relevant (seen by some)
  • When living in the future – the past is more important than ever in the current struggle to preserve public libraries not enough stress has been laid on the library as a place, not just a facility – Alan Bennet
  • What do we want from technology?
  • What do we need?
  • What does technology want from us?
  • There is no such thing as a neutral tool
  • How can we create better experiences?
  • Twitter acts as a recommendation engine with me as the algorithm
  • Privileging discovery over aggregation
  • Places people enter to discover things that they don’t know that they don’t know
  • We risk becoming consumers rather than citizens greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge  – Daniel J Boorstin
  • Session 2 What do we do about mobile?
  • Sarah Schindeler smartphones are winning – 79% of all mobile phones shipped to Australia are smartphones
  • increasingly sophisticated on-device information seeking mobile-only internet users
  • when doing gamification – be aware how communicated following through on lessons learned to ensure equal access to our resources and services for all Australians
  • Take your partners! – Geelong Regional Library
  • Top tips for selecting a partner in programs is: compatibility, flexibility, commitment, creativity, patience, passion
  • Storytime in the Park – collaboration with National Parks
  • Kaleidescope program – collaboration with cultural institutions – Geelong Performing Arts, Geelong Gallery, Museum & Courthouse Arts centre
  • ALIA Sydney draws from both community of practice and learning networks.
  • People are more important than structures.

ALIA Biennial – Day 2

Day 2 ALIA Biennial

Day two went quickly with the theme being literacy, reading and libraries.  Started with an author panel.

Author panel including Matthew Reilly, Richard Glover, Melina Marchetta, Anita Heiss, Pam Newton

Session – Wonders of Reading

  • Words to Dust session
  • words from the dust program
  • series of 12 programs
  • 6 locations
  • 3 hours each
  • consecutive days
  • # small exercises using memories from youth, school & homelife
  • Challenges
    • # some nervous about putting their stories online
    • # technology
    • Inspiring in the future
    • # self-managing writing groups have been established:
      • Cowra
      • Grenfell
  • #Continue to inspire & support each others


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