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New Years Resolutions …..

Think I’d learn by now that it’s never a good idea to have a new years resolution.  Since my last post I’ve been to VALA 2012 and got blown away with all the information presented.  Unfortunately life got in the way & I didn’t blog any of it.  Unfortunately between work, kids, studies, ALIA Sydney activities & rebuilding a house I seem to have lost my ability to find five minutes to blog.  Must try to reclaim some of the time to blog especially as ALIA Biennial is coming up.


Library Centenary Blog

Got approval to do a Centenary blog at the library. In October the library is celebrating 100 years and celebrations, comments and any interesting information will be posted on the blog. I’m hoping that this will be successful so that I can argue that the library needs to continue having a blog as a way of communicating with the wider community. Will see what happens.

On another note really have to pull my finger out and write the notes for the September 19 information sessiong at Bankstown Library on “Using web 2.0: demystifying blogs, wikis, podcasting and RSS”. Unfortunately it may also be that we cancel the session as there aren’t enough bookings for the session and as ALIA Sydney treasurer can’t justifying running it. I don’t know whether running it on the weekend works? Question also how many people actually know about it – maybe we need to change strategies on promoting events.

Web 2.0 at the Library

Just got approval for a 5 week course on web 2.0 to be supported by a blog. Very excited about the potential to use this as a springboard to get permission to create a blog for the Library as a whole. I now have to make sure that I get all things covered properly.

Introducing people to Blogger

Today I’m introducing more people to blogging and Blogger. We’ve set up accounts and started blogging. I’m also going to show them how to use Delicious, show them Flickr and Facebook

Library Thing

I can see a personal use for it. I can also see libraries using it to tempt people with new books. Handy feature for doing reviews that everyone can share.

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