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Cookies issue under control

Finally my issue with cookies on training computers seem to be under control 🙂  The Customs House Library lesson went well and fingers crossed so will the Surrry Hills Library.  I can now concentrate fully on getting people into web 2.0 applications.  The group is very interested and this is making things easier to deal with.  Nice to know that I’ve already had a few students who wish to continue blogging, using twitter and are finding things very informative.


Customs House Library Explore Web 2.0 workshop

Today I’m doing a web 2.0 workshop at Customs House Library.  It is going well except that the computers are slow.

Web 2.0 at Customs House Library

Had a web 2.0 course at Customs House Library this morning and the computers did as they were supposed to.  The students enjoyed themselves and were able to complete all the necessary exercises during the lesson.  I do love it when things work as they are supposed to 🙂

Customs House Social Communications course

Doing a social communications course at Customs House.  Testing out the new computers which are working nicely.

Sydney Customs House

Sydney Customs House 01
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Nice photo of City of Sydney Library – Customs House at Circular Quay

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