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Google Wave

Received my invite to test Google wave this week.  Have been trying to use it and looks very interesting and I can see the potential uses for it both professionally and personally.  At the moment having an issue with editing a wave – every time I go to edit the wave with information the google wave crashes! Oh well not sure where the problem is.  I either get the “Warning: Unresponsive Script” or get in and start typing and it crashes very annoying.  Seems to be an issue with the synchronisation of the wave and you editing – conflict happens somewhere there.


Bing and other technologies

Have been playing with bing – Have to admit that I do like it. I realise that it doesn’t have some of the advance search features of google but it is the beta version and could possibly have those features added. Have also looked at yahoo’s image search update. Like the fact that you can search Flickr for images as well as the Creative Commons licence options in the advance feature. Some more playing in store for me I guess. First though I absolutely have to finish the 5 week Social communication course for the public. So much to do but so little time. Probably doesn’t help that I keep getting new ideas of what can be done.

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