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Delicious and all that jazz

Beginning of the week started with finding out on Twitter that Yahoo was going to “sunset” Delicious.  Began to realise that if Delicious is not going to be available anymore then I had to move my bookmarks away from Delicious and find another social bookmarking site or go back to being tied to one computer or copying things on more than one computer.  A prospect I wasn’t looking forward to – I had over 500 tags in Delicious which I found very useful.  Some of the sites I’ve looked at included pinboard, diigo, xerpi and Mister Wong.  Xerpi doesn’t seem to like importing from Delicious while the others have done it. So far I have found that Mister Wong seems to be the one I like the best.  It allows the tags to be displayed in a list or a tag cloud and seems to be the closest to showing the list like Delicious does.  It also allows you to add your Twitter links.  Pinboard also allows for tags to be shown but appears to only be as a list while I couldn’t work out the way diigo presented the tags, especially the imported ones.

Needless to say there is more investigating to be done but I’m ultimately hoping that Yahoo’s announcement that they are looking for a new home for Delicious comes to be and I can keep that account.  Much like what happened to Bloglines.  Though this has pointed out that you still need to:

  1. Back up all your tags and
  2. Possibly have more than one social bookmarking account going to try and limit the damage.

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