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Bing and other technologies

Have been playing with bing – Have to admit that I do like it. I realise that it doesn’t have some of the advance search features of google but it is the beta version and could possibly have those features added. Have also looked at yahoo’s image search update. Like the fact that you can search Flickr for images as well as the Creative Commons licence options in the advance feature. Some more playing in store for me I guess. First though I absolutely have to finish the 5 week Social communication course for the public. So much to do but so little time. Probably doesn’t help that I keep getting new ideas of what can be done.


More Explorations

Apart from playing with netvibes, technorati and wolfram alpha I’ve since discovered Twine ( and playing around with Tweetdeck. The amount of technology out there is mind blowing and it never ends. Best solution is to use only a few that you feel comfortable with otherwise you get lost in a see of logins and passwords.

Exploring IT

Playing with the other ideas for teaching people how to use the technology and the benefits of them using the technology. Also exploring the new search engine Wolfram Alpha I tried it at home on IE8 and it appeared OK but doesn’t appear to look the same on IE6 at work. Challenges with websites

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