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Cookies raise their head

Had an interesting time trying to teach an Introduction to Social Communications course yesterday.  Apart from my laptop not connecting to the network, the cookies issue raised it’s head again.  I’m continually getting the issue of two different computers seeing the same private information its getting beyond a joke.  I was not happy 😦


Customs House Social Communications course

Doing a social communications course at Customs House.  Testing out the new computers which are working nicely.

Surry Hills Social Communication Course

Running a social communication course at Surry Hills Library.  It’s challenging when computers decide to do their own thing.

Introducing people to Blogger

Today I’m introducing more people to blogging and Blogger. We’ve set up accounts and started blogging. I’m also going to show them how to use Delicious, show them Flickr and Facebook

Social Communication course in the City

Getting into teaching the social communications course interrupted last week by a power outtage.

Social Communication sites

Just looking at the different social communication sites. Have been playing with Bebo and Hi5. Personally still prefer Facebook but can see myself using the other two at times if need be. I’m still not finding MySpace comfortable to use. This constant looking at new technology can leave your head spinning

Some new playing on the web

I’ve been exploring Netvibes ( and seeing how I can use that to simplify the number of open windows. Have also gone back to looking at Technorati and seeing if I can learn more about it. The more I learn the more I want to learn. Never ends. Also looking at the possibility of changing the way I teach Social communication course by extending it over a number of weeks.

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