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Impatience or the dangers of being impatient

All I seem to be lately is impatient – impatient for the Information Online Conference to start, impatient for my material from CSU to turn up so I can see what I’ll need to do for my studies, impatient for Uni to start even.  I know it’s not long until the Online Conference but I’m excited to be going for a number of reasons chief of which is that there are a lot of sessions that sound very interesting.  I’m also participating in the mentor/mentee program which should be interesting.  There are also a lot of exciting things happening with ALIA Sydney.

I’m really going to have to curb my impatience and just wait but I just can’t help it – I want things now!  I will definitely try to blog and tweet from the conference – something that I said I was going to be doing more of but haven’t had a chance to with new job.  Study is going to be an interesting prospect in more ways than one – me to actually discipline myself in actually doing it on time (and not playing Cityville, Enchanted Island etc) and the kids being used to Mum studying.


PD opportunities

Have to seriously start looking for PD opportunities that would improve my professional standing at work.  Need to improve on some skills – and although some of them are just me applying consistently what I already know, like with time management – other skills I do need to obtain.  It would be nice to think that work would pay for some of it but I’m not certain that that is likely to happen.

I know that there is the ALIA site and I’ll be doing some of those but sometimes I just feel that I’m missing some courses in management that aren’t covered there.  Work doesn’t always make it easy to justify why I should be doing some courses.  I guess I’ll have to seriously look at that MBA from CSU for next year.  In the meantime I’ll wonder what else I need but definitely keeping a diary/list of what I need to do is going to be of assistance.

Library but no IT involved

After more than enough IT issues I’m just wanting to write about some non IT matters.  I’ve been wondering lately what else I could do to improve myself professionally.  I’m trying to focus on professional development not only in terms of personal development, i.e., improving my public speaking skills and so on but also looking at what other courses I could do that might improve on the skills that I do have.

Do I do another degree in the library field?  I’ve only got going for a PhD left – having done my Masters and honestly said I’m not sure that I’m up for that as yet.  I guess the skills I’m really looking at developing are all in the management area so I really think doing something like an MBA would probably help.  But where from?  I guess that this is something that I will need to investigate further over the year.

On a non technology note

Really had to think about what I wanted to do and achieve in libraries.  Have set myself some goals among them to update my blogs more regularly, read more books and investigate literacy topics more for my Literacy Meanderings blog.  The other objective is to do more study – looking at doing an MBA or other management type degree but also to look at other options with professional development provided for by ALIA.

I guess I’m in for a busy time between settling in kids at school – Year 3 and kindy – and possibly more study.  I’m also feeling like I need a career change so things might happen on that end as well.

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